What Do We Do

What Do We Do

Merchant seafarers are at the very heart of our work. We want to make sure their voices are heard, troubles listened to and needs met.

We are registered as a Nonprofit charity working in ports and Maritime Cities where the need is greatest. Our network of chaplains and ship welfare visitors come alongside seafarers on ships and in ports to provide Pastoral Care, welfare, Love, care  and practical support.


We maintain a staff of professional chaplains who offer the hand of friendship, pastoral support and practical welfare help to seafarers in all Indian Ports.

Our chaplains visit hundreds of ships in ports each year in order to reach as many seafarers as possible. They seek out seafarers’ families, ex-seafarers and seafarers in hospital or prison on shore and help wherever needed.

Our seafarers’ centers are a place to go in a foreign port, a welcoming home from home. Our chaplains are a family for those who feel lost and lonely.

To seafarers they bring

Means of communication – International SIM cards, access to Skype and email so that seafarers can contact their families and loved ones. Free Transport – to local amenities, shops or just a green space. Local knowledge – maps, port directories and currency to help seafarers find their feet in new places. God’s love – worship services on-board and on shore, prayer with groups or individuals and companionship. A patient ear – listening to troubles held onto over the long voyage and providing solace.Relief from poverty – financial aid when times are hard, when seafarers find themselves stranded, out of work, or injured.A voice – mediation between the seafarer and the authorities and unions, flagging up concerns so that a troubled seafarer is not overlooked.

To families of seafarers they bring

Relief from poverty – practical and financial aid when times are hard, when seafarers find themselves stranded, out of work, or injured. Unconditional friendship – when the agony of separation is too much to bear, when there has been no word of safe arrival, when a seafarer is lost or in danger. Education – for the children of out of work seafarers, or aspiring seafarers living in poverty.