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The Indian Seafarers’ Welfare Organization ( ISWOT ) promotes seafarers welfare in all Indian ports and directly serves seafarers and their families with help of our dedicated port chaplains and ship welfare visitors.

Seafarers, who are responsible for transporting 95% of the world’s goods, are frequently overlooked and forgotten about. With the fast turnaround of ship in ports, being on board for 10 months, reduced crew numbers and increased workloads, the lives of seafarers are often tough and hard. Seafarers face long periods away from family and friends with limited or no communication for weeks on end. Shore leave can be severely restricted, particularly for certain nationalities. Welfare facilities and services both onboard and ashore can be a lifeline for seafarers.

ISWOT appointed port chaplains and welfare Directors in each state of India. Our Organisation is supported by the Seamen welfare Organization, Piraeus Greece which is a member of ISWAN, UK.  We work with international seafarers welfare organizations and International Regional Directors all over the world. We work to enable the establishment of welfare facilities and services in port and on ships. ISWOT brings together and supports our members to share learning and experiences to improve seafarers’ welfare both onboard and ashore. In particular, ISWOT works for the implementation of the ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006 on seafarers welfare at ports and onboard at sea. We work with companies, unions, governments, welfare organizations (secular and faith based), and ports for the benefit of seafarers’ welfare.

ISWO-Trust is funded by membership subscriptions, grants from foundations, sponsorship, and earned income.

 to promote seafarers welfare and related issues and the application of the relevant sections of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006

 raising awareness, supporting front line providers, encouraging and recognising best practice in providing welfare assistance to seafarers, their families and dependants, providing liaison and referral services, undertaking relevant research, and building support for our work amongst stakeholders

operational excellence and committed partnership with stakeholders

ISWOT is a membership organisation that welcomes new members from all organisations involved or interested in the welfare of seafarers worldwide. ISWOT is interested in building our membership particularly among shipping companies and ports. If you are interested in joining ISWOT or would like more information on the benefits of membership see ….

ISWO Trust relies on charitable grants and donations for our work with seafarers and we need your help.Can you donate today to help the lives of seafarers and their families? Thank you.

Hon’ble Shri.Ramdas Athawale
Patron – ISWOT
Honorable Minister For Social Justice & Empowerment
Government of India

Dr.Arani.Babu Mailan
 Founder  & Chairman (ISWOT)

Secretary – Port Welfare Committee

0-91- 8680 988 333

email: babumailan@yahoo.com

Vice Chairman

Vice chairman

Shri.Tushar Pradhan
Advisory Committee/ General Secretary MUI

Capt. Sankalp Shukla
Advisory Committee – ISWOT
Director -Bernhard Schulte Ship Management India (BSM)
Chairman – Fosma | Foreign Owners Representatives and Ship Managers Association

Capt. Sankalp Shukla
Advisory Committee – ISWOT
General Secretary – FSUI / ITF