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Each year we reach thousands of seafarers to ensure that the impact on them and their families is minimized. We do this by providing pastoral care during times of distress and practical support when loneliness and isolation becomes too much. We want to be there for seafarers, their families and relatives when disaster, piracy or personal tragedy occurs.

Indian seafarers welfare Organization Trust is proud to be among the largest and most comprehensive international seafarers’ support charities.

Our Organization is founded in 2016 by group of local seafarers and marine engineers who have vast experience at sea field. Indian Seafarers Welfare Organization Trust is a not-for-profit organization associated with all other organizations who works for seafarers welfare. We are multi-denominational in terms of outlook, as are our trustees, staff and the service we provide to merchant seafarers.

We meet seafarers where they work – on board the huge variety of cargo and cruise ships at the strategic ports of the world. They also bring with them practical services like phone to connect with loved ones at home, the latest newsprint in many languages soon and are able to change foreign money into local currency for shopping etc.

As part of its round-the-clock mission, ISWOT provides a wide spectrum of support services – chaplaincy, spiritual guidance and counsel, provision of welfare support to seafarers and their families, assistance with continuing maritime education and, when in direct need, financial help.

Whenever a seafarer connects with us, he or she can count on a comprehensive response.


Indian seafarers welfare organization is a charitable Trust organization by guarantee.